The Photo/Book Cloud

Dummy selection for The Photo/Book Cloud, a space created in collaboration with Cortona on the Move and curated by Arianna Rinaldo and Chiara Capodici.


Valentina Sestieri, curator of Susy Nuda, puts her hand back in the family archive from which she draws to rebuild, with a great emotional transport, the love story that has united her parents for decades. She does it by using the photographs that her father Lorenzo took over a period of more than twenty years.


Francesco Amorosino, author of Il Libro del comando, draws us into a dark and unknown world, between legends and superstitions, populated by witches and in which a halo of magic hovers. He tells the story of the Masche, a sort of cross between classic witches and woodland creatures who are capable of transforming themselves into animals or plants.


Giulia Mangione with her The Happy Show describes Denmark, a country that is said to be the happiest in the world. To do so, she decides to live there, establishing a relationship of trust with people in an attempt to understand if this nation really deserves such a reputation.


Marina Caneve, with a research project that also takes on a strong scientific value, takes us to the Dolomites. Are they Rocks or Clouds? describes and documents the state of hydrogeological instability in a large mountain system, fascinating and suggestive but at the same time torn by thousands of landslides.

Provincia Sospesa

Project and text by Daria Addabbo


Traveling from North to South, I found a province suspended, distant, liquid, silent, motionless and vacuous, characterized by fairytale and dreamlike colors […]. The state roads that run parallel to the inhabited centers clearly reveal one aspect: the province is a land of transit, of passage, a place where one originates and towards which one returns, in order to escape from the fast urban pace.

Maps Magazine

Founded by Arianna Angeloni and Teodora Malavenda, Maps was an independent online and print-based quarterly magazine that investigated the Mediterranean area, beginning with the publication of unpublished photographic projects.


#1 Urbanism

#2 Connections

#3 Exploration

Scomparsi / Their Bodies Will Never Be Found

Project by Fabio Itri


In Italy, 649 people were kidnapped by ‘Ndrangheta from 1969 to 1998: an average of 22 people per year. One hundred twenty-eight of these cases occurred in Calabria. Eight of these people disappeared forever without leaving behind a single trace. This work tells their story.

Blade Diary

Project and text by Pietro Firrincieli


Blade Diary is a travel diary.
A journey through the underground culture of Blading and the first document of its existence.
A three-year trip, two of which were on the road: Europe, the United States and Mexico, without a home to return to.
An initiatory journey, at the end of which life is no longer the same.

The Third Island

The Third Island Ag ’64 ’94 ’14 is a project by Antonio Ottomanelli, which was developed in collaboration with IRA-C and Parasite2.0 and presented for the first time in 2014 in the central section of the Monditalia – 14th International Architecture Exhibition – the Venice Biennale.

Inspired by two important anniversaries—the start of construction on the new Salerno-Reggio Calabria freeway (1964) and the opening of the port of Gioia Tauro (1994)–it envisioned and produced an annual cycle of activities and events in Reggio Calabria, with the the objective of promoting a broad and interdisciplinary historical reflection on the subject of major works in Italy.

Calabria has become the reason and the symbolic champion for an analysis of the contemporary state of the landscape, understood not only in the physical but also in the anthropological sense of the word.

The review was completed by an impressive photographic campaign conducted by 11 photographers, who were accompanied by journalists, activists, and local entrepreneurs. During one year, they traveled through the Calabrian territory collecting testimonies, stories and landscapes. The material produced is gathered and published in the book OIGO N ° 1 – The Third Island published by Planar Books.